Rafting enthusiasts from all over the world gather around campfires discussing their Chilean river adventures.  We’ve got a few stories for you too but you’d better come and see for yourself.  Choose from ½ day, full-day, and multi-day river adventures on rivers that are practically our own:

Rio Teno–Half-day and full-day class III/IV trips only 2.5 hours from Santiago.

Although you will probably be the only group on the river, the Rio Teno is probably one of the top 5 rafted rivers in Chile (Behind the Maipo River, Trancura River, Petrohue River, and the Futeleufu River).   The Teno calms down enough for commercial rafting about 12 km upstream of Los Queñes and that is the half-day run – 12 km. to town,  The trip includes rapids such as Brushy’s, La Leona, Milkshake, and Condor.  Finally, we take out at the confluence of the Teno and Claro rivers – at our new private river facilities.  

Half-day USD 50.00 per person

Full-day USD 100.00 per person

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Rio Colorado Adventure

The Rio Colorado of the Lontué is a gem.  It’s characteristic 100 meter-plus majestic basalt column walls create an inescapable canyon but in the right conditions, who would want to leave?  Its difficulty comes in taking your eyes off the endless canyon walls long enough to negotiate the class III – IV+ rapids.Getting there is challenging but the trip is scenic and accommodations are surprisingly comfortable.

3-days, 2 nights 1,500 USD person.

Other rivers that we guide on and run frequently are the Rio Lontué, Rio Achibueno, Rio Ñuble.