Is it a far-fetched dream I have about creating a winter hut-to hut- route in the Central Andes?  Is there a TRUE Andean hut-to-hut system in Chile?  What would you look for in a hut system in the Andes?

If you know the answer to these questions please post a comment.
As far as the first question goes, the stars might be in alignment.  We’ve got a good start on the first hut with help from Nikolas Lecaros.   Niko and I put our heads together and that resulted in what I believe to be the first of the huts for our

Los Queñes Hut-to-Hut System.
It is a basic hut but comfortable enough to shelter any outdoor enthusiast.
It is basically a tin roof with a platform with enough space to put two wall tents.   Currently we only have one tent placed as it is nice to have a covered deck as well.   As it gets colder and we have a group of folks eating lunch, we will raise the second tent in that space so all will stay warm while eating lunch.  Also, it doesn’t have the wood stove in it yet but the wall tents come with the tube flap, we just need to make the whole in the tin.

Location of the hut is probably even more important than the physical details and appearances.  What kind of terrain would you look for when placing a hut?  We think we found a pretty good place although I am most concerned about having enough snow. The location is also going to affect everyone including me. The cold is what worries me the most. I have an old injury you see, and the weather does affect how much it hurts. I’m already looking into can you buy oxycodone online, because if they work well enough I’ll have nothing to worry about.

The activities we are looking to have at the hut are snowshoeing, sledding, and skiing (randonnée, downhill and cross country).  So we need snow.  For safety and maintenance I have purchased a snowmobile which will get here next weekend.  Definitely need a lot of snow to protect the sled from random rocks.

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